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It was designed to be as simple to install as possible and with our simple step by step instructional video you will be up and running in no time!

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You have the freedom to detach a single chart or all your charts at once and move them independently around your monitors at the touch of a button. Any charts detached from your MT4 platform will automatically have a new tool bar added to the top giving you essential quick access to the MT4 chart options and tools.

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The toolbars are optional and can be disabled should you desire to free up chart space. Keyboard shortcuts make chart management even easier.

MT4 úszó táblázatok – Vegye le a MetaTrader alkalmazást 4 táblázatok!

Move through charts with ease using the push back button. Now you can stack multiple charts in the same screen area and circulate through them with the push of a button.

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This feature can be turned off by choice and saved locations can easily be reset. Great for those four chart per monitor setups!

The Minimal Mode allows you to disable toolbars on undocked charts. This is useful if you wish to save space on your charts, such as in a chart grid with several charts per monitor. Many traders run multiple copies of MT4 from various brokers so we designed Floating Charts with that in mind.

Floating Charts will detect multiple installations of MT4 and manage them all independently.

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Telepítés után, no further action is required. We have some exciting upgrades and features planned for future releases of Floating Charts and as a customer you will get access to all future upgrades at no charge! We are confident that you will love Floating Charts.

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Try our MT4 Floating Charts and if you are not happy for any reason just contact our support team within 60 days and they will arrange a full refund as soon as possible.

It really depends on your needs and how you decide to use the software. You may use the software on unlimited MT4 installations and accounts on your computer.

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However, please note that if you are using a broker version egy verzió […] Igen, a license covers registration on up to 3 számítógépek. If you exceed this limit because you have switched computers or operating systems, just open a support ticket and we will reset your license […] Igen, they are identical.

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The only difference is that the software will prompt you for registration details every time you run it until you zóna douglas védjegy valid license details.

No, once you have registered with a valid weboldal bináris opciók jeleivel, the software will remember and no weboldal bináris opciók jeleivel ask for it.

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